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What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio is the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, mostly those carrying messages, it  about experimentation as much as communication, an amazing hobby.

A Radio Amateur can do many cool things, make a contact with someone across the globe under your own steam, not just a phone, use AM, FM, SSB, Mose Code, satellites, even bounce signals off the surface of the Moon and back to Earth.

How dose radio work?

It is quite simple… The radio waves are waves of electromagnet magnetic energey, the radio wave is made by sending an oscillating electric current at the right frequencey into an antenna, that antenna creates a radio wave, this is now a Transmission, by adding changes to the oscillation by Amplitude AM (Bigger and smaller signal) we can add infomation such as voice) or we can to the same by frequency FM (how the far the waves are apart). An antenna can also receive the waves and recever elecronics can be used to convert this back into the infomation sent.

Essex Ham

The essex ham team have suported the belchamps JOTA JOTI for a number of years and are an amazing team. They like nothing more than to get young people and Leaders on the Air Waves,  their enthusiasm is infectious. 

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Essex Ham offers news, details of training, helpful advice, a discussion forum and lots of useful information.

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