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Jamboree On The Air / Jamboree On The Internet

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Arrange JOTA/JOTIContact with Belchamps

Are you planning to arrange contact with other by JOTA or JOTI during the event we welcome the chance to talk with even more groups during this amazing event.

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) Communication


Mainly on 2m but with 7cm available this is our projected reliable range of contact, contacts for friendship messages are most welcome. We will be using a collinear antenna on a 50′ mast.

Our Radios for HF

We have to radios for HF the Icom IC-7300 and amazing radio set and a joy to use.

and the Yaesu ft-991a a great shack in a box set with all modes on HF, VHF and UHF. 

HF Frequencys

We will be mainly on 40m or on 80m, we have a dedicated halfwave wire dipole antenna for each of these two bands and a backup Full-size GRV5 set up as an Inverted V mainly used to give us 20m.

80 meters — 3.940 MHz and 3.690 MHz where authorized.

40 meters — 7.190 MHz and 7.090 MHz where authorized.

20 meters — 14.290 MHz and 14.060 MHz where authorized.

World Scout SSB Calling Frequencies..

80m 3.690 MHz

40m 7.090 & 7.190 MHz

20m 14.290 MHz

Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) Communication

Belchamps JOTA JOTI Facebook Page

You are welcome to contact us through the Facebook Event page the this to this page is here

This page will be watched throughout the Jamboree and is an ideal way to keep up with what is happening or to contact us regarding the event .

Scout Link IRC

We will have 14 PC’s on Scout Link IRC

There is an Admin with the username Belchamps_Admin at the event, we will be on the English Speaking Chatroom and the Admin of our Scout Link PC’s will be online throughout the event. PC’s are named Belchamps_(PC Number)

Scout Link Team Speak

We will have 4 PC’s on Scout Link Team Speak

TeamSpeak is software that allows users to talk to each other by voice and is what ScoutLink uses for voice chat. Chatting is done in small groups in virtual ‘rooms’. To use the TeamSpeak server. PC’s are named Belchamps_(PC Number)

Zello the Push-to-talk mobile app

We have a Zello Channel “Belchamps JOTI JOTA”

Talk with us from anywhere in the world on the push-to-talk mobile app that redefines the walkie talkies, works on most phones and has sofware for PC .

Download from:


We will have a JOTA CAFE TV Station Called Belchames Scout Campsite

The TV station consists of a large projector screen and speaker where you can hear and see scout groups from all around the world. Also, we have a Netcam and a studio microphone sp that group can see and hear us, some sheets with UK flag, map and other props in case we have to visually communicate with where we don’t speak the language of that group. Lots of contacts a lot of fun! 

JOTA TV Digital Campfire

Throughout JOTI we will be running Digital Campfire

On the Digital Campfire website, you see Scouts from all kinds of places, nationalities, and ages coming from all over the world. All the photos are arranged by the newest first. We have a webcam so that we can be in the mosaic with photos from the event. Our User Name: Belchamps_Campsite_UK

Who to contact regarding event.


Hi, my name is Derek Hagan one of the trustees at Belchamps and event licence holder of GB1BEL. gained the Full Licence with Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) in 2012. 

Email: Phone/Text: 07525 659 844 Radio: M0SCE

Currently, a member of Thames Amateur Radio Group (TARG) who also has provided some support in the past and Essex Ham a great team of amateurs dedicated to supporting this great hobby, whose efforts have helped make this one of the most amazing  JOTA JOTI events in the UK.

Essex Ham has been supporting this event for the last 3 years and is such an brilliant dedicated team, providing a great radio experience to the young people.  

This the largest JOTA/JOTI  event in the UK with an average of 300 to 400 in scouting taking part each year. If you have a skill to bring onboard or a leader looking to help please get in contact to join our team.


Longitude : 0.64933 E (0° 38′ 58” E)
Latitude : 51.59824 N (51° 35′ 54” N)
QTH locator : JO01HO


Belchamps Scout Activity Centre, Holyoak Lane, Hawkwell, Essex, SS54JD

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Tel: (+44) 01702  562 690

Locator Grid: JO01ho

Callsign: GB1 BEL

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