All these tasks needs to be done...

1. Read and understand the scoutlink rules:
2. Know how to stay safe online, and how to get help if you need to while using ScoutLink.
Get your leader or parent to make sure you understand this before you join ScoutLink.
3. Take the Scoutlink Quiz at

OK, Lets Get You Connected...

-1. You will need some software installed on your PC, at Belchamps we use IceChat 9 IRC Client…
2. Set up a conection to ScoutLink. Use the add button on the bottom left. Pick your user name and use the following connection info. Server address is, the port number can be 6667, 6668, or 6669. We also recommend adding the /list command in the start up, /list will lists all channels on you can join on the Scout-Link Server.



Longitude : 0.64933 E (0° 38′ 58” E)
Latitude : 51.59824 N (51° 35′ 54” N)
QTH locator : JO01HO


Belchamps Scout Activity Centre, Holyoak Lane, Hawkwell, Essex, SS54JD

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Tel: (+44) 01702  562 690

Locator Grid: JO01ho

Callsign: GB1 BEL

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