All these tasks needs to be done...

1. Read and understand the scoutlink rules:
2. Know how to stay safe online, and how to get help if you need to while using ScoutLink.
Get your leader or parent to make sure you understand this before you join ScoutLink.
3. Take the Scoutlink Quiz at

OK Lets Get You Connected...

Zello is a free walkie-talkie app for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The app requires an Internet connection to work properly, whether it’s through Wi-Fi or a mobile data network. Unlike the standard calls you can make on the device of your choice, Zello connects you to fellow users and radio channels where large groups can talk regardless of distance. At Belchamps we are using an N60 Network Radio, it looks like a Transceiver because it has a Microphone with a press to talk, but a more like an android phone.

You can find out more about Zello, and download the free app from

Set up the app our zello user: GB1BEL join us on our Zello Channel: Belchamps JOTA JOTI, for chat and games you can play with other scouts on Zello at home!

Doing more with Zello: Scoutsnet has dedicated Channels for connecting Scouts and Guides using Zello Network IP Radio and is also free to use service, not just for JOTA-JOTI but is open right now! it also has a leader channel worth joining to get advise and for setting up contact with other leaders. Details at  you will need to Register but keeps it safe.


Longitude : 0.64933 E (0° 38′ 58” E)
Latitude : 51.59824 N (51° 35′ 54” N)
QTH locator : JO01HO


Belchamps Scout Activity Centre, Holyoak Lane, Hawkwell, Essex, SS54JD

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Tel: (+44) 01702  562 690

Locator Grid: JO01ho

Callsign: GB1 BEL

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